Komprol A 46

KOMPROL A oils are primarily designed for the lubrication of both the stationary and mobile screw air compressor manufacturers such as Atlas Copco, Ingersoll-Rand, stall, etc. TRUDBENIK. Since KOMPROLA oils have excellent anti-wear and antioxidant properties and are suitable for lubrication of air compressors where the air temperature in the last degree of compression does not exceed 160 C.
Advantages of KOMPROL A oils are reflected in the quality lubrication of rotating parts of the compressor, extending the life of compressor and reduce the cost of maintenance and excellent separation and expulsion of air from the water and oil fill.

It is produced according to following standards:

ISO 6743/3A,
DIN 51506 VC-L,
ASTM D 1401,
ASTM D 665 A/B

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