Hemosint S-5

HEMOSINT S is biodegradable liquid free of petroleum products, nitrite, odorless, non-toxic and does not irritate the skin.
HEMOSINT S is bio-stable in the application, do not spoil and does not damage the paint and varnish.
Solutions of HEMOSINT are building a stable solutions even in hard water, protect against corrosion even at low concentrations, have no foam, provide excellent results in terms of tool life and surface finish.
HEMOSINT S-5 fluid is a universal means for all types of heavy cutting operations like drilling, broaching and grinding under which processed various materials, of steel to ferrous metals. In order to obtain good results of treatment, it is recommended to use concentrations of 4 to 6% of means in the working solution.

It is produced according the following standards:
ISO 6743/7
IS 21050.00.

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