Argus Full Synthetic 5W-30

ARGUS 5W-30 FULL SYNTHETIC motor oil is based on the most recent formulation of ‘EUROPEAN Car Formula “(NA) to meet and exceed the quality requirements of leading manufacturers of motor vehicles. It represents the latest generation of AP (Advanced Performance) premium lubricant designed for lubricating all easy and heavy duty engines of passenger cars of petrol and diesel engines with and without the turbo engine.

Performance of ARGUS FULL SYNTHETIC oil has been proven by testing in different situations on the field and laboratory. The results show excellent performance in extreme testing conditions.

It is applied in accordance with the following specifications:

MB p.229.1/3/5, VW 502/505,Renault RN 710, BMW
Long Life Oil, SAE J 300 SAE 5W40, SAE J 183 API

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